About us

The foundation meeting of the Deutsch-Japanischen Gesellschaft Trier e.V. took place on January 25, 2001 in the rooms of the Saar-Mosel-Winzersekt GmbH in Trier. The temporary approval of the non-profit status was established by the taxation office on February 28, 2001. With that our society was fit for work. The registration with the district court was certified on the 8th of March 2001.

What lead to the founding of the society?

  • pre-existing economical ties in the region of Trier as well as their developments
  • Moselle’s territory with its vineyard cultivation and Japan as trade partner
  • Trier and tourism
  • The University of Trier and the department of Japanese Studies
  • College “Fachhochschule Trier”
  • sports and youth encounters

The easiest and fastest way to contact one another are sports and youth encounters. These connections took flight fast through the help of the “Verband der Deutschen Sportjugend”, the regional sports society as well as other societies. 1976 was the first time Japanese youths were visiting Trier during an exchange while German youths were guests in Japan.

In 1981 a contract between Trier and the cities Funabashi, Ageo and Chigasaki was signed in order to make sure there would be exchanges. This connection continues until today and has greatly helped to improve the understanding of each other.

Since 1996, there is an active exchange between Trier and Nagaoka which came to be thanks to a treaty of friendship.

Due to Japan Tobacco International (JTI) overtaking the formerly known “Reynolds Zigearettenfabrik”, Japan came here as a contractor and thereby Japanese employees came along with their families, who lived here from the very beginning. Nowadays JTI is the biggest commercial taxpayer in the area Trier. Now, there was a new range of tasks: the integration of Japanese citizens (employees and students) into the population of Trier.

There were citizens who lived in Japan for decades due to work and through their admission into our association wanted to be reminded of these times in Japan. It is thanks to these citizens that our association developed.