Twin city Nagaoka

Nagaoka – City of the phoenix

The city Nagaoka, sister city to Trier, has a population of around 258.000, is located in the province Niigata, between the Sea of Japan in the West and the mountain range Higashiyama in the East.

The Jōetsu-Shinkansen connects Nagaoka with the 250 km distant capital Tokyo in just about 90 minutes.

The modern city was founded in 1906, however a great part was destroyed shortly before the end of the Second World War.

Each year on the second and third of august Nagaoka hosts the greatest fireworks in Japan, along the Shinano river. This display of fireworks is meant to remind the people of the devastating destruction from World War II. The grand finale bears the name “Phoenix” and shall bring to mind the big earthquake of 2004.

The official sisterhood between Nagaoka and Trier was formally sealed on the April first, 2006 in Nagaoka with the collaboration of the DJG Trier.

Ever since the beginning of the sisterhood between Nagaoka and Trier the DJG Trier continues to deepen the friendship through countless exchanges for youths and adults. Deservedly a great deal of thanks goes to the officiating president Johann Aubart.

The song of Nagaoka – A radiant smile

At the conclusion of the sisterhood between Nagaoka and Trier in 2006, which a delegation of the DJG Trier witnessed, the song of Nagaoka was presented for the first time as it was simultaneously the 100th year anniversary of the city. When Lord Mayor Mori signed the treaty of sisterhood in the town hall during his visit in Trier, the male choir “Trier-Ehrang” sang the song of Nagaoka as a pleasant surprise.

Here you can find the notes and the lyrics for singing and playing purposes. Also a German translation is available.

In the video down below you can see and hear the choir performing the song of Nagaoka. Unfortunately the video is only in minor quality, but you should be able to get most of the song quite well.[/tp]